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Anterior Splint Kit

  • Boost Production, Acquire New Referrals and Improve Patient Communication
  • Periodontal support with wide opened interproximal spaces
  • No gingival irritation even for short teeth
  • Maximum interproximal surface area - the tab is actually bigger than the mesh
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning
  • Machined mesh with no rough or irregular edges to irritate the tongue
  • Minimal bulk of filling material since here are no rough edges to cover
  • Anesthesia free procedure
  • Neat looking restoration that enables the patient to judge the quality of your work instantly
  • Non-brittle interproximal tab,  our micro-macro filled resin provides improved resilience of the splint
  • +/- 5 Cases/Kit
  • Each kit contains: 5 mesh strips (38mm x 2mm), 21 lexan tabs, primer, lightning strip and instructions
Price $149.90

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